Welcome to Yew Class

Hello Yew Class, it’s Miss Deane!! I thought I would leave the first blog on our new adventure. What are you most looking forward to sharing on our blog?


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  1. 1

    Hello Yew class! We have also just started up a new blog. It would be great if we could comment on each other's .http://arboursmeerkats.primaryblogger.co.uk/

  2. 2

    oquinlan said,

    Hello Yew class! My name is Mr Quinlan and I am a year 4 teacher at Robin Hood Primary School in Birmingham. I look forward to reading your blog and sharing it with my class 4OQ.Have fun blogging!

  3. 3

    Tricia said,

    Hello Yew Class, It's Mrs Neal from the East Midlands. I'm looking forward to seeing the sort of things you have to tell the world. Enjoy building your blog

  4. 4

    Hello Yew Class,I am a teacher in Scotland, and I teach Primary Seven (like year 6). I live in Edinburgh and my school is just outside Edinburgh. Our blog page is http://blogs.wled.org.uk/uphallps-p7/Have fun with your blog!

  5. 5

    Hello Yew Class, It's Mr Handley from Norfolk!I'm looking foward to reading your blog and seeing all the fun things you get up too!My class are about to set up a blog too- we'll have to read each others 🙂 Have fun blogging!

  6. 8

    Les Haines said,

    Hello Yew class. My name is Mr Haines from the Hereford Academy, I look forward to reading your comments on your blog, and maybe asking my own Yr 7 students to comment in the future

  7. 9

    Gail said,

    Hello Yew class – greetings from Kent. I'm Mrs. Haythorne and teach in a secondary boarding school in Surrey. We've been running a class blog with a partner class in France and it has been lots of fun. Enjoy running your blog.

  8. 10

    Kevin said,

    Hello there – I'm from Stratford-upon-Avon. I used to be a teacher but mess around with computers now.Good luck with the blog!

  9. 11

    burravoehead said,

    Hello Yew Class; My name is Ms Breyley. I teach in a school on a small island in Shetland – we are almost as far north as you can be in Britain and are much nearer to Norway than we are to you. We have 11 pupils in the school. It will be fun for you to share things you are doing with people from all over the place.

  10. 12

    Hello – I'm Mr Ford and I teach ICT in a school in Cranbrook, Kent. I'm collecting examples of how classes like you are using blogs to show other teachers at school. We might use one to talk to schools we are friends with in other countries. Good luck!

  11. 13

    Mrs B said,

    Good morning Yew Class! It's Mrs Bate here! I'm looking forward to seeing you all today so we can have lots of fun learning new things and that you all enjoy our new blog!!! Well done Miss Deane, it looks great!!!

  12. 14

    finlay said,

    I really liked dance mat typing. Thank you for putting dance mat typing on the class blog. It is FAB!!!!!!!!

  13. 15

    Benjanin coles said,

    Hi Ben here just to say that the blog is fab!

  14. 16

    Hello Yew class, it’s Catrin. I love the blog. It’s great. Love, Catrin

  15. 17

    sophie c said,


  16. 18

    Alec Teeuw said,

    Hi I think the blog’s fab like Ben. I ‘ve been on the wall wisher, it’s great.

  17. 19

    izzy said,

    i like going on danematttiping it is so FUN!!

  18. 21

    izzy said,

    hi yew class i have been on wordle it is so fun bye bye

  19. 22

    Same Izzy i have been on wordle to!!

  20. 23

    I love going on all are games they are great FUN!!

  21. 24

    SophieSmith said,

    Yeah i like it Miss Deane!

  22. 26

    Hi its jasmine here just just to say i have been on wordle i have shown it to my family they love it.

  23. 27

    Mrs Morgan said,

    Hello Yew Class!

    Well! What can I say?! I have just had a really good look at your blog- and it’s SO interesting!
    I really love the comments from people in different parts of the UK. It’s great to hear from Pie Corbett too, as well as from members of your family.
    I think it’s great that you’re all so interested and having such a lot of fun. I now have you on my ‘favourites’ so will keep looking to see what you’re up to!

    Happy blogging!!!

  24. 28

    Alec's Nanna and Grandpa said,

    We like the blog. It is very interesting, especially what you have said about the things you have done over the weekend.

  25. 29

    hettieandtom said,

    I love are blog it’s great and is the best

  26. 30

    jasmine noble said,

    i will miss thiss blog when i go up to yr4

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