Pie Corbett rocks!

In Literacy we have been looking at the story of little Charlie and doing a lot of talking for writing from Pie Corbett. It’s sooo much fun!!! We have been doing lots of work on the story, including learning it for homework, making actions, creating story maps. We’ve then changed the story slightly and today we wrote our very own adventure story.

On Wednesday in year 3 and 4 assembly, Miss Deane explained about a special occasion. On Friday the selected children from each class went to TPS (The Petersfield School) for a reading and writing evening. There were lots of people including the Mayor of Petersfield. We told the story using actions we learnt in class and it was a big success.

We’ll be adding a video of our class performing it very soon so keep an eye out!

Written by BEN COLES


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  1. 1

    Chloe.K said,

    Hello Ben,

    On friday night me and Hettie went to the literacy evening as well we thought it was really fun to !!!!!!!!.I cant wait untill school tomorrow !!

  2. 2

    Kieran said,

    Hi Ben,I think your report is really cool.

  3. 3

    Sophie.S. said,

    Hi Ben you’r repot is cool!

  4. 4

    CHARLIE BOND said,

    hi it charlie it is a good ben i like the little charlie

  5. 5

    Chloe.K said,

    ben your report is awsome

  6. 6

    Alec Teeuw said,

    Hi Ben, I love it. It looks like it was fun at TPS.

  7. 7

    izzy said,

    hi ben that report is so cool!

  8. 8

    Jodie said,

    hi ben its jodie

    it sounds really cool


  9. 9

    Irealy enjoyed doing Pie Corbett.
    It was great fun!

  10. 10

    Ben's Grandparents said,

    Good blog Ben we are very proud of you

  11. 11

    Pie Corbett said,

    Hi there – I was so pleased to read that Little Charlie went down a storm! It’s a funny little story that one – I’ve told it all the way round the world – there are children who live on an island in the Indian Ocean who know that story too. There is another great one to tell called ‘The Papaya that spoke’ – that’s a funny one but quite dramatic as well.

    There are lots of other stories that you could learn too and use as a starting point for your own writing. I was so excited to hear that you have all been telling and writing stories – when i was your age I had a red exercise book that I wrote all my stories in and I used to illustrate them as well.

  12. 12

    […] learning, improving enthusiasm and the fact that Pie Corbett himself has commented on a blog post! Not bad for a blog that is only three months […]

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