Hello Yew Class, I hope you are having a good Easter? Today is the first post for you to fill in over the Easter holiday. Keep an eye out there will be lots of fun activities coming up to keep you busy and don’t forget to check wizkids!! Have fun and stay safe
Miss Deane
During the last week of term we have had a whole day learning about mummification. We did lots of activities including designing our own sarcophagus and some role play where we mummified our friends.
In the comments below
1. What was your favourite activity? And why?
2. Did you learn anything new today?
3. Would you liked to have lived in Ancient Egypt? Why/Why not?


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  1. 1

    1.My favourite activity was when we had to mummificate our friends and Darren Cerys and Charlie were making me laugh.
    2. I didnt know that a sarcophagus was a coffin inside a coffin inside a coffin inside a coffin inside a coffin.
    3.I would like to live in Egypt to see all the gold but i wouldnt like to live in Egypt because it is too hot and dry.

  2. 2

    CHARLIE BOND said,

    hi it charlie
    i had a good
    have you
    miss deane
    have the
    yew class have
    a good easter

  3. 3

    Sophie.S. said,

    Mine was the drama because it was fun!

  4. 4

    Benjamin Coles said,

    1. I really enjoyed the drawing and the drama, because I really like acting and art.
    2. I didn’t know that Osiris was green!
    3. Yes and no because I would have liked to have been a pharaoh and no because people would have tried to kill me!

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