Easter activity

Spring is nearly here,
Pretty flowers everywhere,
Rabbits delivering Easter eggs by the basket,
Ice and snow have melted away,
New born lambs skip to their mothers side,
Green fields full of life, spring has sprung.
Leave a comment and write your very own Spring poem . . .


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  1. 1

    Chloe.K said,

    I have done a spring poem on wizkid

  2. 2

    Yew Class said,

    Spring has finally come

    Playing outside

    Really really fun

    Ice is invisible now

    New lambs being born

    Go and have fun !!!

    By Chloe K

  3. 3

    callum said,

    Spring is the time to have fun,
    You can watch the flowers while eating hot cross buns.
    The butterfly’s and bees,
    Come and go collecting the nectar as they go passed,
    And don’t forget the beautiful blossom trees.
    I can’t wait to search around for my easter egg,
    I bet there will be one in the top of a flower head!

    by Callum king and zoe

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