Yew Does Horrid Henry

In literacy we are learning about Horrid Henry we have done some drama like hotseating and writing some storys and putting speech marks in them. We have been on the WizKid and here are the names of the games Miss Deane has made, name your own book (where you have to make up your own Horrid Henry story), make your own Horrid Henry person (where you have to make up some names, Francessca Simon always uses alliteration like Moody Margret and Petrfect Peter), make your own jokes and we joined the purple Hand Gang on the website.
In the comments write:
Do you like horrid henry?
Do you watch horrid henry on t.v?
Who’s your favorite Horrid Henry character?
Can you make your own horrid henry game?
By Issy Charlie Jasmine


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  1. 1

    Miss Ifould said,

    My class and I have been looking at your blog and we are now constructing our own. Thank you for the inspiration!

    • 2

      Yew Class said,

      Hi Miss Ifould Our class are very proud of our blog and we wanted to write to say . . . .

      Thank you for feeling that way we are very pleased (says Jasmine). Thank you for looking at our blog we hope your class will send us the address so we can look at yours (says Toby and Kieran).
      I hope you like your new blog and thank you for using our idea (says Charlie).
      Thank you for commenting on our blog (Michael).

  2. 3

    jasmine said,

    i love acting like Horrid Henry it was so much fun.

  3. 4

    toby said,

    I think acting horid henry was rely fun

  4. 5

    Anne-Marie said,


    I listened to your teacher talk about your blog so thought I would have a look at it.

    I teach language and maths to 6 boys who have learning difficulties in a school in Edinburgh. We have been doing some work on Horrid Henry. They have made their own Horrid Henry character, used adjectives to describe them, making a new front cover for a book and trying to continue a Horrid Henry story. They have all had fun working on these and looking at the books.

    What else do you think we could do about Horrid Henry?

    Teacher boys aged 9-11

  5. 6

    jasmine said,

    Horrid Henry is funny and it’s great to learn about.

    I have been reading a lot of Horrid Henry books

  6. 7

    jasmine said,

    Horrid Henry is funny and it’s great to learn about.

    I have been reading a lot of Horrid Henry books

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