Yew Travels back in time . . .

On Thursday the 13th May we went to Butser Ancient farm.
The coach came to pick us up from school at 9.30. While we were waiting for the coach we played games outside but we had to be very quiet because the year 6’s were doing their SAT’s.
First we went into the roundhouse and Maureen gave us an introduction witch included the differences between Roman and Celts and the differneces between a Roundhouse and a Roman Villa. There was even a pink roundhouse and all the roundhouses had one room. While we were there we had to do some “clunching” which involved breaking the chalk up with a big wooden mallet. Then we put the powder in a wheelbarrow added some water, mud and hay, rolled it into a ball and started building a wall. (We even put chalk on our faces to look scary!!!!).
We also went into the Roman Villa and looked in all the rooms. We think Buttons would have liked to live like a Roman.

Buttons just chilling

We got to be archaeologists too and dug up some buried treasure, some of the things we found were a skull, bones, pottery and china. We also made some Celtic Jewllery.

While we were waiting for the coach we looked around the farm, we saw a disgusting Celtic toilet and a very clever “fridge”. We then looked at the animals, there was spot the pig and some very strange looking sheep.

We had awsome day and everyone was tired somne of us even fell asleep on the coach.


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  1. 1

    Darren said,

    I like Buttons going to sleep on the romans sofa.

  2. 2

    izzy said,

    when we went to butser anceint farm it was so much fun we did clunching and put chalk on our face to look scary !!! i think the people that our in year 3 next year they will love it now we know what romans and kelts do to live !

  3. 3

    jasmine said,

    Hi i loved Butser Anciant Farm i learnt a lot of cool Roman things

  4. 4

    izzys mum said,

    It sounds like you all had a very fun day at Butser ancient farm, I have never been there but it sounds very interesting.

    Pretending to be an archaeologist must have been fun; it is like looking for hidden treasure!

  5. 5

    Jodie said,

    i like going to butser anitic farm i aspeshaly like spot the pig and biulding a wall


    thank for taking us from jodie

  6. 6

    jasmine said,

    I had a fab time at Butser Anciant farm

  7. 7

    Sophie.S. said,

    Butser Ancheint was really fun I want to go there again! (And I am with my family!)

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