What do you think of our blog?

This Thursday, the 20th May, Miss Deane is going to be talking to lots of teachers from Hampshire. She will be telling them all about our blog. Miss Deane is very proud of our blog but she wants to see what everybody else thinks. We decided that we could ask other people in our school what they think about our blog and why they like it. Keep posted for audio clips of what they think about our blog!
Here is Mrs Morgan telling us how wonderful our blog is VIDEO
If you like our blog please leave us a comment . . .
In the comments
1. Tell us what you like about our blog?
2. Which posts do you like?
3. Based on our blog – would you like to have your own blog?
4. Will you be checking out our blog again?


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  1. 1

    willow said,

    Well done Yew Class! We really liked looking at your blog and having a chance to catch up with all the fab things you’ve been up to in year 3! We are quite jealous and hope that we have the chance to learn how to set up a blog for our class too, then you’ll be able to share in some of the things we learn about in year 6 and know what you’ve got to look forward to!

  2. 2

    bevevans22 said,

    Wow! Your blog is really wonderful. You have been very busy and having lots of fun. Your blog looks really special and is packed with interesting stuff! Well done πŸ™‚

  3. 3

    Mrs H-B said,

    It’s great seeing what you have learned. I enjoyed Reading about Butser because I’ve never been there. I may well start some of my classes blogging… I’d like to start my own but am too busy watching the hedgehogs at the bottom of my garden at the moment. They are fascinating!
    Yes, I’ll probably show your blog to our class 3 next time I teach them.

  4. 4

    Great blog! I’m planning on getting my class blogging soon so will show them yours as an example of good blogging πŸ™‚

  5. 5

    governorSWP said,

    Thank you for sharing your blog with me. It is always good to see what you get upto in and out of school, and your visit to Butser Farm has made me want to go for the first time.
    As a Governor it is sometimes difficult to come into school whilst you are working, so to have the opportunity to look at your work through the blog is very useful.
    I am pleased to see the work you are doing with the library and plants. Mrs Pitt will be pleased.
    Thank you again.

  6. 6

    Chris B said,

    Blogging (and Tweeting) is amazing. We’re an online education supplier and we do both ( http://www.brainpop.co.uk/blog/ and http://twitter.com/brainpop_uk ). In fact, Twitter is where I heard about you. It helps us get updates to our customers, receive feedback from schools in real time and, best of all, it means we can listen and learn from real classroom activity. Your blog looks really great, nice clean design. The very, very best of luck with it!

    Tim, Moby and The BrainPOP UK team

  7. 7

    Jo Rhys-Jones said,

    I first discovered your class blog through twitter and you inspired my frined Bruno to set up his own (French) blog – sadly bruno has not been keeping it as up to date as yours, but you continue to inspire him and he has no intention of giving up.

    I wonder what it is that you like best about your blog? Do you like having a real audience? Is it fun showing new people around the world what you are up to? Is writing on a blog more or less fun than writing on paper? Do your mums and dads enjoy seeing what you are up to almost straightaway?

    What do you think the world will be like when you are all grown-up and have children of your own?

    • 8

      charlie said,

      it is so good fun and cool i think that we are good at it and are mums and dads like it to i think that are children like it to and my name is charlie

    • 9

      jodie and her mum said,

      i like the heavy buttons post.
      yeh but sometimes i get stage fright.
      yes aspeshaly parents.
      it is a lot more fun than writeing on paper.
      (my mum says) yeh i like seeing what you’ve been up to.
      i will deffanatly use a blog if i was a techer.

      this is my say about our blog
      by jodie

    • 10

      hettie said,

      1.I think the best bit about are blog is that you can add links really easily.
      2.I think thaht it is fab to have a real audience because then you can get loads and loads of comments
      3.It is fab to show people aroud the wouled what you have been doing at school because you can show them how you have been working
      4.I think writing on the is best becauseyou people aroud the wouled what we have been doing
      5.I think they almost do so they do not have to ask us what we have been doing.
      6. I think it will be really good because then your children caN HAVE A LOOK

  8. 11

    Benjamin Coles said,

    I love your blog because you can tell people outside of school what your doing.
    My favirot post is Yew travles back in time because we can tell people how awsome the trip was.
    I would love to have my own Blog-I do!
    Of COURSE I will be checking out the blog agen Because this blog is SMASHING!!


  9. 12

    caitlin said,

    i really hope you do more i like hearing about the fun you have in year 3! hope you do another blog soon! caitlin (quince who does the letters)

  10. 13

    Ben: I think that a blog is a good way to express your feelings and thoughts !!

    Emily: I think a blog is a way to say what you have been doing at diffrent times!!

    Chloes Mum : I think that a blog is a way to say what subject your in!!

    Chloes Dad: I think that a blog is a way to say if you think your nice or something!!

    Chloes 3 year old brother: I think that a blog is a way to say if you love someone in your family like i absoulutly love chloe xx!!

    Me: I think a blog is a way to say who you play with and things!!

    Chloes Cousin: Hi its Jason i think a blog is a way to just put lots of posts and things on there !!

  11. 14

    katy wigg said,

    cool blog wish i had got

  12. 15

    Sophie.S. said,

    Ithink it is really exciting and cool!

  13. 16

    jasmine said,

    I like our blog because its quit cool letting people know what we are doing.I love the Horrid Henry post because it’s quit funny but also i like the rain-forrest one because i loved doing it and i worked realy hard on my animals and flowers.

  14. 17

    Sophie.S. said,

    I ike the Horrid henry post

  15. 18

    izzy said,

    i think that our blog is really good and we have worked really hard on it !!!

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