Yew Class LOVES Brainpop

Today we got the very exciting chance to talk to MOBY HIMSELF (through Skype)!!!!! However because he had left his voice box at home and unfortunately Tim was out of the country we had to chat to Eylan who works with Moby (“he is very funny” quote from Charlie). Moby is a very cheeky robot!!!!!! But we still love him!!! He was running around the office hiding from Eylan!! Unfortunately Tim was out of the country so he couldn’t join us!!
We asked him some questions and they were . . .
Do you like Brainpop?
What is your favourite Brainpop video?
Do you enjoy making the videos? Is it hard work?
Do you enjoy working with Tim?
Do you like working at Brainpop?
Will you be making any more videos?

He answered all our questions and even asked us some!!!
He said he loves working at Brainpop because they get to learn new things when they make the videos – which is great because when we watch the videos WE learn new things too!!!
He loves working with Tim because he gets to play pranks on him which are really funny – you should watch the sun protection one to see what we mean!!
We would like to take the chance to thank Moby (and Eylan of course) for giving us the chance to talk to them – It was a great way to finish off our half term!!!!! And we can’t wait to watch more videos after half term. Miss Deane says if we are well behaved this afternoon we can watch the Boogey video before we go home . . . .
We even asked Miss Deane to add Brainpop to our list of links so we can see him at home!!!!!!!



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  1. 1

    Enjoy the Bogie movie Yew Class and we look forward to BrainPOPping with you soon.

    Have a great half term, and thanks for your time.

    Eylan (and Moby!)

  2. 3

    Ian Addison said,

    I’m glad you had fun…and let me let you in to a little secret…I once met Moby in person!
    I’m pleased the camera worked well, Miss Deane is turning into a computer wizard!

  3. 4

    charlie said,

    i love it is so i love it a like it when we sow moby he is so cool and we sow him today

  4. 5

    jasmine noble said,

    i love brain pop and my favorite movie is blogs

    (thanks miss deane for letting us watch and talk to moby)(elan to)

  5. 6

    izzy said,

    thank you eylan for speacking to us we LOVED it i really like brainpop spo does my sister !!!!!

  6. 7

    charlie said,

    miss daene i like it when we where chating whit moby +tim it wos cool thank you tim + moby for your time i like it and we hlop that you like chating to us so nice to chat whit tim +moby

  7. 8

    Sophie.S. said,

    It was funny Miss Deane and we saw him in perso on the webcam but he left his voicebox at home ohhhhhh.

  8. 9

    charlie said,

    i like moby he is so cool a nice and cool

  9. 10

    […] Welcomed Moby into their classroom via the magic of Skype […]

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