Buttons week with Miss Deane

Shhhh Don’t tell Miss Deane but I have managed to find a way of posting on our class blog!! This weekend she has taken me to visit Bath – We are staying with her Aunt and Uncle. We have only been here 1 day so far but we have already done lots of things. This morning we went to an animal rescue centre but we couldn’t take photos incase we scared the animals. On the way home we stopped in a small village for some lunch. When we finally got home we went for a walk and you’ll never guess what we saw . . . .BADGER SETTS!!! Hopefully tonight we will have dinner outside and we will see some real live badgers – I can’t wait!! I’ll have to practice sitting very still and very quiet!! Do you think you could find any information or pictures about badgers to bring back to school so Miss Deane can have a look? She suddenly seems to be very interested in them!!! I wonder what they eat? Do they live in families or by themselves? How big do they grow? I bet there is lots and lots of information out there!!!!!!
After our walk we went up onto the roof of the house. Miss Deane’s Aunt and Uncle have a flat roof and if you are VERY careful you can climb up the stairs – Don’t worry Yew class, Miss Deane was very VERY careful!! Here are some photos – what do you think?

Lots of love


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    Caroline said,

    I’m glad Miss Deane took you to such a great city and that you are having a great time in Bath – its my home city and although I now live a long way away I still go back every year to visit my family. I wonder if you went to Rainbow Woods to see the badgers; that’s where I last saw them. Aren’t they beautiful? I miss seeing animals like that as we have no foxes, badgers or squirrels; we do have lots of seals and otters though and sometimes killer whales!

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    Sophie.S. said,

    Miss Deane that is funny my favourite one is the middle one!

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