Buttons and Fergal

Oh my goodness Yew class you won’t believe what I did to finish off the half term ?  Miss Deane had a BBQ and invited lots of her friends, I was feeling a bit left out so she said I could invite one of mine.  As I am going to Ironbridge with Kierans big sister and year 6, I thought I would invite another bear who is going!!  FERGAL from Willow class!!  I think he is my best bear friend now!!  We had a great evening, had some fizzy drinks and even got to BBQ some food!  We had to be very careful not to burn ourselves !!!


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    willow class said,

    Hello Buttons,
    Fergal here! What a super barbeque we had, the photos look good don’t they? I’m glad the barbeque had cooled down a bit by the time Miss Deane took them tho, it was jolly hot when you were cooking our sausages!! I’ve been getting ready for my trip and have been looking at a topic book from last year to remind myself why Ironbridge is such a special place to visit if you are studying the Victorians. Apparently the bridge itself was the first of its kind in the world to be made of iron, its very beautiful. We have to sketch it when we go there (hope I don’t have to coz I’m not very good at drawing!!) I’m glad you’re coming too, even though you are at the other hostel we will get to see each other sometimes. See you soon:)
    Love Fergal

  2. 2

    Sophie.S. said,

    Hi Buttons I hope you had a nice time at the BBQ!

  3. 3

    hettie said,

    wow a bbq with fergal

  4. 4

    Eliza Campbell said,

    HIIIIII Eliza here 😀 WOW fancy Fergal & Buttoms cooking!!!!!!! I’m extatic for Ironbridge i havent even packed i still need to buy stuff woooops!!!!!
    I hope Buttons will have a great time with Kayleigh!!!!!!
    Bye bye im off to pack toodles 😛

  5. 5

    Charlie said,

    hi did you have fun there so we all love you

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