Robin Price visits Yew

We had the excitement of the author Robin Price visiting our school today.  He did a work shop with all our year 3 children, where we all got to be authors writing Roman stories.  Visit our blog tomorrow to see what the children thought of their day as an author.

Check out this website for more information and to see what other books are available.

On Thursday Robin Price visited year 3. In the morning he told Yew and Ash Class about his book Spartipuss.  He read some of the story to us.  It was dramatic and funny.  We really enjoyed it!! Some people spotted another book called Boudicat, and it turns out that there is a whole series of books based in Roman time but they are not Romans they are cats!  After that we played a game that tested our knowledge on the Romans.  We spilt the group into two teams and there was a spinner that had 4 categories (CATegory!!)  If the spinner landed on one of the categories that was the type of question you had.  If you got the question right you got a point, if not the other team could try!  The two teams were the Emperors and the Gladiators.  The Emperors won with a score of 4.

In the afternoon we started our own Roman story’s.  We had choose 2 Roman names, 2 locations, 2 or 3 objects.  We tried to make our stories funny and interesting like Robin’s books.  We are writing some more stories in our literacy class and hope to send them to him to look at!

Robin Price is a funny author, who is very nice and friendly and his books are funny too!  Buttons met him too and wants to read all his books!!!

By Alex


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  1. 1

    jasmine said,

    i have started reading boudicat already and its realy good
    i loved seeing the author it made me realy exited and i loved it when robing came and helped us write a story like him

  2. 2

    izzy said,

    i loved it when robin price came to our school it was so funthe books are so good i think all my family likes them !!!

  3. 3

    hettie said,

    I loved having robin price in.
    I enjoyed planning out the roman stories

  4. 4

    Sophie.S. said,

    I loved it when Robin Price came but I did not get a book!

  5. 5

    Catrin Palmer said,

    I really enjoyed having Robin Price in.
    altho I didn’t get a book I did get a postcard!
    I am also reading his first book”I am spartapuss”

  6. 6

    Charlie said,

    why am i on there it is so cool that we had him there and thank you miss deane it is so cool miss deane

  7. 7

    jasmine said,

    hi i loved when robin price came in and i am half way through boudicat and it is realy good

  8. 8

    cerys said,

    when robin cam to herne i whos sow icksitid but i dinot get a book 😦

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