The effect of our blog has hit home!!!!

Miss Deane had to add this post on this afternoon after one of her class said “thank you for making us famous” (Charlie).  Our blog has been showed to loads of different people and we have learnt so much through it.  We have found  really cool websites, which we have had great fun on.  Thank you to everybody who has commented, made suggestions and generally made our blog what it is – a great place to share everything we find.  We are so proud of ourselves and our blog so thank you all!!!! 

Love Yew Class


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  1. 1

    You have loads to be proud of Yew Class! Not only are you famous, but you have clearly demonstrated that learning, discovery and collaboration have become part of the way you work. We all have alot to learn from you!

    Moby says hi and well done too

    Regards Eylan and all of BrainPOP UK

  2. 2

    hettieandtom said,

    thank you charlie for saying we are famous.I think I blog has gone well.

  3. 3

    jasmine said,

    i will realy miss making entrys on our blog when i’m in year 4

  4. 4

    izzy said,

    i blog is really good and every body loves it

  5. 5

    charlie said,

    that wos me & i did not no that miss deane wos going to say that

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