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Buttons holiday photos . . . Finally!

Sorry its taken me so long to put these on the blog but there was NO internet connection – I really don’t know how the Victorians managed with it!!  I love sharing my adventures with everyone!  I would like to thank all the year 6s who looked after me, especially Kayleigh and Bart who were very caring!  I would love to come and spend a day with Mimosa class again . . . Maybe even go swimming with them 🙂


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Robin Price visits Yew

We had the excitement of the author Robin Price visiting our school today.  He did a work shop with all our year 3 children, where we all got to be authors writing Roman stories.  Visit our blog tomorrow to see what the children thought of their day as an author.

Check out this website for more information and to see what other books are available.

On Thursday Robin Price visited year 3. In the morning he told Yew and Ash Class about his book Spartipuss.  He read some of the story to us.  It was dramatic and funny.  We really enjoyed it!! Some people spotted another book called Boudicat, and it turns out that there is a whole series of books based in Roman time but they are not Romans they are cats!  After that we played a game that tested our knowledge on the Romans.  We spilt the group into two teams and there was a spinner that had 4 categories (CATegory!!)  If the spinner landed on one of the categories that was the type of question you had.  If you got the question right you got a point, if not the other team could try!  The two teams were the Emperors and the Gladiators.  The Emperors won with a score of 4.

In the afternoon we started our own Roman story’s.  We had choose 2 Roman names, 2 locations, 2 or 3 objects.  We tried to make our stories funny and interesting like Robin’s books.  We are writing some more stories in our literacy class and hope to send them to him to look at!

Robin Price is a funny author, who is very nice and friendly and his books are funny too!  Buttons met him too and wants to read all his books!!!

By Alex

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Buttons and Fergal

Oh my goodness Yew class you won’t believe what I did to finish off the half term ?  Miss Deane had a BBQ and invited lots of her friends, I was feeling a bit left out so she said I could invite one of mine.  As I am going to Ironbridge with Kierans big sister and year 6, I thought I would invite another bear who is going!!  FERGAL from Willow class!!  I think he is my best bear friend now!!  We had a great evening, had some fizzy drinks and even got to BBQ some food!  We had to be very careful not to burn ourselves !!!

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Buttons in Bath

Hello again Yew Class…Buttons here. I just thought I’d let you know what I’ve been getting up to in Bath today. We went for a walk around town and looked at all of the sights. I was very shocked to see lions roaming freely around Bath! But then I waited and noticed that they weren’t going anywhere and were only statues. Phew!

All around Bath they have different lions, all painted in different ways. They aren’t all ready yet, but there will be 100 of them soon! If you look at my pictures, you’ll see I went and sat on some lions too. I even found one that plays in the World Cup, he was called Wayne ROARney!!

After a while, our paws hurt so we went on a bus instead, but the bus didn’t have a roof! It was a bit breezy up there. The bus took us all around Bath and we learnt lots of useful information too. The bus driver wanted to have a picture taken with me at the end, maybe I’m starting to get famous?

Another exciting thing about Bath is that it used to be a Roman city. There is this very strange thing, they have hot water coming out of the ground. The Romans used to use it as a bath but now it is a museum and you can walk around. I did manage to bump into a few Romans though and they let me take a picture! If you look closely, you’ll see the guide I was carrying, it looks like a mobile phone and it tells you all about Roman life. I learnt sooo much!

After a while, I thought it best to have a rest near the side of the baths and I even managed to climb on the rope, but Miss Deane told me off. Apparently I shouldn’t be climbing! As we got towards the exit, there was a glass floor that went over the old foundations underneath. Miss Deane was scared and din’t want to walk over it, but I’m a brave bear and did it without any problems.

The gift shop was my favourite bit and if you look at the pictures, you’ll see I bought you a present. I hope you enjoy it?

There were LOADS more pictures and Miss Deane said she will show you these later as she didn’t want to fill the blog with pictures. Maybe she can put them on Wizkid instead?

Anyways, must dash. We’re off out for dinner.


Here are the pictures of my day:

Can you see the Roman? How many different lions are there?

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Buttons week with Miss Deane

Shhhh Don’t tell Miss Deane but I have managed to find a way of posting on our class blog!! This weekend she has taken me to visit Bath – We are staying with her Aunt and Uncle. We have only been here 1 day so far but we have already done lots of things. This morning we went to an animal rescue centre but we couldn’t take photos incase we scared the animals. On the way home we stopped in a small village for some lunch. When we finally got home we went for a walk and you’ll never guess what we saw . . . .BADGER SETTS!!! Hopefully tonight we will have dinner outside and we will see some real live badgers – I can’t wait!! I’ll have to practice sitting very still and very quiet!! Do you think you could find any information or pictures about badgers to bring back to school so Miss Deane can have a look? She suddenly seems to be very interested in them!!! I wonder what they eat? Do they live in families or by themselves? How big do they grow? I bet there is lots and lots of information out there!!!!!!
After our walk we went up onto the roof of the house. Miss Deane’s Aunt and Uncle have a flat roof and if you are VERY careful you can climb up the stairs – Don’t worry Yew class, Miss Deane was very VERY careful!! Here are some photos – what do you think?

Lots of love

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What have you done?

Have you played on any of the games we have linked to?
If you have leave a comment and tell us about it!

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What did you get up to this weekend?

Yew Class,

Click on the comment button to tell everyone what you did over the weekend.  It can be as detailed as you like. . .

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