Buttons in Bath

Hello again Yew Class…Buttons here. I just thought I’d let you know what I’ve been getting up to in Bath today. We went for a walk around town and looked at all of the sights. I was very shocked to see lions roaming freely around Bath! But then I waited and noticed that they weren’t going anywhere and were only statues. Phew!

All around Bath they have different lions, all painted in different ways. They aren’t all ready yet, but there will be 100 of them soon! If you look at my pictures, you’ll see I went and sat on some lions too. I even found one that plays in the World Cup, he was called Wayne ROARney!!

After a while, our paws hurt so we went on a bus instead, but the bus didn’t have a roof! It was a bit breezy up there. The bus took us all around Bath and we learnt lots of useful information too. The bus driver wanted to have a picture taken with me at the end, maybe I’m starting to get famous?

Another exciting thing about Bath is that it used to be a Roman city. There is this very strange thing, they have hot water coming out of the ground. The Romans used to use it as a bath but now it is a museum and you can walk around. I did manage to bump into a few Romans though and they let me take a picture! If you look closely, you’ll see the guide I was carrying, it looks like a mobile phone and it tells you all about Roman life. I learnt sooo much!

After a while, I thought it best to have a rest near the side of the baths and I even managed to climb on the rope, but Miss Deane told me off. Apparently I shouldn’t be climbing! As we got towards the exit, there was a glass floor that went over the old foundations underneath. Miss Deane was scared and din’t want to walk over it, but I’m a brave bear and did it without any problems.

The gift shop was my favourite bit and if you look at the pictures, you’ll see I bought you a present. I hope you enjoy it?

There were LOADS more pictures and Miss Deane said she will show you these later as she didn’t want to fill the blog with pictures. Maybe she can put them on Wizkid instead?

Anyways, must dash. We’re off out for dinner.


Here are the pictures of my day:

Can you see the Roman? How many different lions are there?


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Buttons week with Miss Deane

Shhhh Don’t tell Miss Deane but I have managed to find a way of posting on our class blog!! This weekend she has taken me to visit Bath – We are staying with her Aunt and Uncle. We have only been here 1 day so far but we have already done lots of things. This morning we went to an animal rescue centre but we couldn’t take photos incase we scared the animals. On the way home we stopped in a small village for some lunch. When we finally got home we went for a walk and you’ll never guess what we saw . . . .BADGER SETTS!!! Hopefully tonight we will have dinner outside and we will see some real live badgers – I can’t wait!! I’ll have to practice sitting very still and very quiet!! Do you think you could find any information or pictures about badgers to bring back to school so Miss Deane can have a look? She suddenly seems to be very interested in them!!! I wonder what they eat? Do they live in families or by themselves? How big do they grow? I bet there is lots and lots of information out there!!!!!!
After our walk we went up onto the roof of the house. Miss Deane’s Aunt and Uncle have a flat roof and if you are VERY careful you can climb up the stairs – Don’t worry Yew class, Miss Deane was very VERY careful!! Here are some photos – what do you think?

Lots of love

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Yew Class LOVES Brainpop

Today we got the very exciting chance to talk to MOBY HIMSELF (through Skype)!!!!! However because he had left his voice box at home and unfortunately Tim was out of the country we had to chat to Eylan who works with Moby (“he is very funny” quote from Charlie). Moby is a very cheeky robot!!!!!! But we still love him!!! He was running around the office hiding from Eylan!! Unfortunately Tim was out of the country so he couldn’t join us!!
We asked him some questions and they were . . .
Do you like Brainpop?
What is your favourite Brainpop video?
Do you enjoy making the videos? Is it hard work?
Do you enjoy working with Tim?
Do you like working at Brainpop?
Will you be making any more videos?

He answered all our questions and even asked us some!!!
He said he loves working at Brainpop because they get to learn new things when they make the videos – which is great because when we watch the videos WE learn new things too!!!
He loves working with Tim because he gets to play pranks on him which are really funny – you should watch the sun protection one to see what we mean!!
We would like to take the chance to thank Moby (and Eylan of course) for giving us the chance to talk to them – It was a great way to finish off our half term!!!!! And we can’t wait to watch more videos after half term. Miss Deane says if we are well behaved this afternoon we can watch the Boogey video before we go home . . . .
We even asked Miss Deane to add Brainpop to our list of links so we can see him at home!!!!!!!


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Yew Class visit the Rainforest!!!

Keep checking out our blog we will be adding photos, videos and much more about this magical rainforest that has appeared in our classroom!

Miss Deane with the help of her Mum and Mrs Bate (and her daughter -thank you Megan!!) have made a rainforest in the quiet area of our classroom. They put up all our art work. We have made mobiles which have pictures of animals we think you might find in the rainforest. We have also made up some new flowers and they have gone up on the wall too.
When we first walked into the rainforest it was all dark like a real rainforest. We read a story called The Vanishing Rainforest. It is about a family who are trying to survive in the rainforest even though people are destroying it.
We can’t wait to add more interesting things and learn even more about the rainforest

By Willaim and Cerys

Here is some fantastic work Jake produced all about the different layes of the rainforest. Hasn’t he done well? Busy and noisy by Jake

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-Brainpop UK pops into Yew class

This morning we watched some Brain Pop videos. We thought they were really good. They were very funny and we liked the voices. We love Moby he is our favourite because he was really beepy! We like the blog video because we have blog and we like that Moby showed Tims underwear 🙂
Miss Deane went to a special meeting last night with lots of other teachers and she got a really cool t-shirt. She said it is a very specail t-shirt. Here are some photos of her wearing it with some of our class – can you see Moby on the big screen?

To see the Brainpop videos got to the BRAINPOP WEBSITE

By Jasmine and Jodie

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What do you think of our blog?

This Thursday, the 20th May, Miss Deane is going to be talking to lots of teachers from Hampshire. She will be telling them all about our blog. Miss Deane is very proud of our blog but she wants to see what everybody else thinks. We decided that we could ask other people in our school what they think about our blog and why they like it. Keep posted for audio clips of what they think about our blog!
Here is Mrs Morgan telling us how wonderful our blog is VIDEO
If you like our blog please leave us a comment . . .
In the comments
1. Tell us what you like about our blog?
2. Which posts do you like?
3. Based on our blog – would you like to have your own blog?
4. Will you be checking out our blog again?

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Yew Travels back in time . . .

On Thursday the 13th May we went to Butser Ancient farm.
The coach came to pick us up from school at 9.30. While we were waiting for the coach we played games outside but we had to be very quiet because the year 6’s were doing their SAT’s.
First we went into the roundhouse and Maureen gave us an introduction witch included the differences between Roman and Celts and the differneces between a Roundhouse and a Roman Villa. There was even a pink roundhouse and all the roundhouses had one room. While we were there we had to do some “clunching” which involved breaking the chalk up with a big wooden mallet. Then we put the powder in a wheelbarrow added some water, mud and hay, rolled it into a ball and started building a wall. (We even put chalk on our faces to look scary!!!!).
We also went into the Roman Villa and looked in all the rooms. We think Buttons would have liked to live like a Roman.

Buttons just chilling

We got to be archaeologists too and dug up some buried treasure, some of the things we found were a skull, bones, pottery and china. We also made some Celtic Jewllery.

While we were waiting for the coach we looked around the farm, we saw a disgusting Celtic toilet and a very clever “fridge”. We then looked at the animals, there was spot the pig and some very strange looking sheep.

We had awsome day and everyone was tired somne of us even fell asleep on the coach.

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